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As a former member of the U.S military, I am a big believer in giving back to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. This is why I support and am proud to be an advisor with this wonderful non profit organization that is located in right here in San Antonio! CLICK HERE to view a series our creative media team created to honor these brave men and women called “Soldier Stories”


About Operation Comfort


Operation Comfort provides support to our Service Members who have been wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq and are receiving treatment at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC).




Operation Comfort was founded to support the recreational rehabilitative needs and provide financial assistance for our wounded Service Members while they receive treatment at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC).


Company Overview


On March 18, 2003, our founded Janis Roznowski, an American Airlines flight attendant, began flying some of our service men and women in and out of the Middle East. Her first group was the 24th Marines from Saginaw, MI and Toledo, OH. Little did she know the responsibility that she would begin to feel towards our men and women in uniform. Nor did she realize that like them, she too had joined up…it was just in a different capacity.


In August 2003, feeling a deep responsibility toward the wounded, she began visiting them in Landstuhl, Germany. Several months later she realized that the wounded were only two hours away from her home in Austin, TX. Janis began visiting the wounded at BAMC and began her mission to serve these men and women one program at a time.




Programs operation comfort offers:

  • Handcycling
  • Sled Hockey
  • Competitive Adapted Swimming
  • Automotivation (An automotive/woodworking program)
  • Financial Assistance
  • Annual trips — surfing, skiing, cycling, etc.


General Information


OC’s goal for our wounded Service Members, who have given so much for our country and the world, is to experience, in tangible ways, that we appreciate their sacrifices and demonstrate to them that we want to help them recover as quickly and completely as possible in the most enjoyable manner.


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