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Joel is CEO and a partner in many web based companies.


01I was born at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co. on May 19th , 1972 . My family was neither rich or poor, and my parent’s philosophy regarding spending money was only the essentials. I did not ever need for anything, but I remember wanting for much!

I was a kid with very low self-esteem and never really fit in during my school years. My grades were C minus’ at best and my teen years were filled with uncertainty of the future.

I attended Judson High School where I elected to participate in a Work-and-Go to School program. I worked two jobs and took classes until graduating in 1990. After graduation, I joined the Air National Guard; a life-changing decision that I am still thankful for today!

The Air National Guard made true on its promise to turn a boy into a man. This was the first chance that I had to get outside of my parent’s home and explore the world through my own eyes. Basic Training taught me a much needed lesson in self-discipline that I still feel is the building blocks to success in anything and everything in life. It is what separates the people who want from the people who achieve.

I was a Civil Engineer in the Guard which is a fancy title for a heavy equipment operator, rapid runway repair and a handy man for any other job on the base that needed to be done (labor-type work). It was

challenging and I was grateful for the experience.

When I returned home from Basic Training, I felt more confident than ever, but still had no direction. All I had ever done in the past were Service-Industry type jobs. I was a bus-boy, waiter, bar-back and at times a bartender.

Joel-Military-BluesServing others was all I had ever known and I was good at it and had grown to love it. So I landed a job at a local hotel where I spent the next 2-years bartending.

I was making a meager income as a bartender and knew that I would need a more stable and profitable form of income. But what is a bartender to do?

With very little job skills, I began my search for the Desk Job. Interview after interview I was turned away due to my lack of experience and looking back on it, probably my lack of interviewing skills as well. It felt like I was back in High School looking for a place to fit in.

I was discouraged, but not broken! I stumbled upon a Temp-Agency in San Antonio and went in for an interview. I had no idea what a temp-agency was, but the sign claimed to match people with a new career and had a picture of a young man about my age sitting behind a desk and smiling. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

After a few questions, the agency fixed me up with a job that day. I drove out to the new office in the only suit I owned and was greeted by Mr. Man-In-Charge. This guy was a tough-as-nails, type-A personality that I truly grew to love and respect through the years. He told me that I would have to be very strong in order to survive this job I was getting ready to take on. I was ready for the challenge.

Little did I know the job I was undertaking was that of a Bill Collector where I would be expected to contact delinquent payees by phone as well as visit their homes to collect on overdue accounts. In addition, if I chose to accept the position, I would be expected to pay the temp-agency a finders-fee for landing me the job. This was a huge decision because I didn’t have enough money to pay the temp-agency. So yes, ironic as it may seem, I financed the fee on my credit card for my new career as a Bill Collector.
I PAID for my first REAL job!

After 2 years of being a collector, I was promoted to Manager and was granted an office of my own to run for a major finance company. I was the only manager in the company who did not have a college degree. The office became more demanding and I found myself spending up to 15 hours a day working. Although, I was making a decent salary, I began to realize that things needed to change. I was not happy with the 9-6 life and being contained. My childhood “itch’ for owning a business and becoming my own boss, began to reveal itself. As a child, I cut grass under my E&J mowing service and sold Juicy Fruit gum to my class mates for a profit. I always enjoyed marketing and little did I know, I was born to be an entrepreneur and not a “company man”.

During my bar tending years, I was exposed to the direct sales industry, otherwise known as Network Marketing. This industry had been described to me as the “poor mans chance at owning a business”. With no college education but a willingness to learn, I was introduced to various “gurus” in this industry such as David Manning and Dayle Maloney, two industry icons who have sold tens of millions of dollars in product over the years by way of people to people marketing and sales team building.

With a desire to learn and a dream of having freedom from 15 hour work weeks, I embarked on multiple direct sales ventures but in 1996 achieved my first successful venture with a company called Nutrition For Life (formerly a publicly traded company). It was in this company that I was mentored by both David Manning and Dayle Maloney and built a sales team of several thousand members across the United States and Canada. This venture eventually enabled me to leave corporate America and obtain the time freedom I always longed for.


In 2001, the company (Nutrition For Life) unfortunately filed bankruptcy, thus ending my first successful venture. With the experience I had gained and contacts I had developed within that venture, I founded my own internet based direct sales service company called JB Internet Holdings corp. I partnered with a long time associate, Brad Harris who resides in Springfield Illinois. I brought the passion and experience for building a sales force and my love for technology, while Brad brought his experience in internet marketing. This alliance (now 13 years strong) has proven to be an effective combination for success.

Together we have launched multiple online ventures, some failures and some successes. We have employed and contracted numerous people in San Antonio over the past 9 years and have contributed to various causes both inside and outside San Antonio. Our company is now developing its own marketing technology that caters to online sellers who are part of the direct sales industry and we have attracted multiple alliances in the technology sector.